Bringing Victory to Business


Our Approach


For us, coaching is not just consulting. We won’t tell you what to do and we won’t do the work for you, but rather we will help you find your own solutions and optimize your processes through retrospection and continuous improvement. In order to accelerate the implementation of a new method like Scrum or Kanban, effective on-the-job coaching is the key to becoming independent from external help. 


We are experienced in Agile, Scrum, Kanban, XP and many other methodologies, but we also provide:

  • Executive Coaching and Training
  • Specific Role Coaching
  • Individual Coaching


Training provides you with knowledge about a specific topic, tools, and in case of Scrum, a common understanding of proven best practices and why agile methodologies work. Meanwhile, our coaching builds on that knowledge and accelerates the understanding of Agile Principles through everyday work practices. 


Executing only the practices without having fully understood the principles and background behind Agile will hinder your organization from reaching continuous improvement, which is crucial to a long-lasting and sustainable Agile transformation. 

Our Aim


Our aim is to help you find your way and achieve systematic continuous improvement as fast as possible. It is only in this way that an Agile Transition can be successful and sustainable.