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People Development

People Development


Our rigorous skill set assessments and coaching capability evaluations help us develop the most talented people. Transformations highly depend on the organizational ability to unlock people's intrinsic motivation and that requires a blend of technical and interpersonal expertise. 

We believe that doing things hands-on is the best way to learn. That's why our training has a workshop-like format, where we rely heavily on exercises relevant to the company. This helps people overcome the fear of trying new things. Public case studies from our previous clients that relate to your company's industry are studied extensively to make sure our training programs are the best fit and unique to your organizational needs.

We provide training in the following areas:

  • Software Craftsmanship
  • Mobile Development: Android & iOS
  • Product Development at Scale
  • Dev-Ops & Continuous Deployment
  • Scaled Agile, Kanban, Lean Startup

4 C's

These 4 C's help people learn, and they are vital to the success of organozations. 

  1. Critical Thinking
  2. Creative Thinking, 
  3. Communicating,
  4. Collaborating.