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Organization Transformation

Transformation Scope


An Enterprise Transformation has a very broad set of activities and responsibilities. Starting at the highest level, the enterprise transformation covers all business domains throughout the enterprise (Finance, Human Resources, Legal, Accounting, etc.) At this level, it would describe how the whole enterprise functions and transforms.

IT Transformation is a sub-set of an Enterprise Transformation, and one can't really exist without the other. Its scope is within the context of information technology systems within the enterprise. IT Transformation involves tasks such as planning and deployment of software and hardware for the enterprise, communications and networks for the enterprise (including support & help desks), training, purchasing and service level agreements to name a few.

Software Transformation is a sub-set of an IT Transformation. It has a broader set of responsibilities than just developing software. Software Transformation incorporates making sure that the IT function delivers a working product for the enterprise. Therefore, items such as planning and deployment of development hardware, COTS (Commercial-Off-The Shelf) software evaluation & implementation, training, purchasing, production service level agreements, etc. are the responsibilities of this level of transformation. 

Development Transformation is a sub-set of Software Transformation, in that the software development process only concentrates on developing software and is not responsible for how it will be put into production, training, etc. This is pure development of working with tested software. 

Digital Products


Information and knowledge are key elements in the modern era. In the current business environment, all types of organizations are heavily dependent on digital products in order to operate. Marketing, finance, risk, sales, and many other businesses entities are using digital products as a valuable tool for decision-making.